Dylan Joins In-House Legal Solutions as Head of Technology


Dylan Joins In-House Legal Solutions

At the start of February, we welcomed Dylan McDonald into the In-House Legal Solutions team as our Head of Technology Development.


Dylan joined In-House Legal Solutions to help oversee our technical operations and procurement. Dylan will also be leading new system projects, such as a new case management system, bespoke A.I and reporting, a new website for the business, and our very own in-house programming system, leading to our work becoming significantly more efficient.


Dylan recently graduated from University of Liverpool with a Computer Science degree. Using his expertise in A.I and data science, Dylan will be able to implement case management systems that improve the efficiency of workflows within the company. Dylan’s previous experience in website design has allowed him to work alongside a web development company that will be producing our new website. Dylan is spearheading a large technological redevelopment project while also create bespoke solutions to help the everyday job of a lawyer.


Since his arrival, Dylan has reflected on his time with us so far, “It is interesting being one of the only employees that isn’t trying to be a lawyer, my mum said try and be a lawyer, this is as close as I could get! Jokes aside I didn’t know much about law tech before coming into the company, however, being given the opportunity to learn more about it and do work that I am passionate about is very exciting. My degree has given me the technical knowledge and quality to help improve the tech side of the company, and I am excited to see how I can help improve the company’s performance and expand my knowledge”.


We are thrilled with Dylan’s work so far and are looking forward to what is to come!

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