Legal Outsourcing Services
A Different Solution.

High quality. Low Cost. Onshore.

 We take the review of commercial agreements and the negotiation of bulk legal documents away from businesses and in-house legal teams, allowing them to concentrate on what really matters to their business.

Legal services. Done differently.

We are a legal services provider that offers clients flexible and innovative ways to manage their legal work. We can act as an extension to your legal team, provide an outsourced legal team to those businesses without their own legal function, or provide an outsourcing option on a fully managed basis to deal with high volumes of documents that are low in complexity and standardised in nature.


UK based lawyers with detailed market knowledge


Competitive fixed-fee per document model


Bespoke managed outsourced solution


Quick and efficient timescales


Allows legal teams and businesses to focus on where they can add value

Let us do our job – so you can do yours.

We create bespoke solutions to suit our client’s needs leaving you more time to focus on the things that really matter to your business – be that complex drafting, regulation or legal strategy for in-house legal teams, or sales, profit margins or corporate strategy for business teams.


Outsourced Legal Team Solutions

Commercial Agreements



Terms of Business



IT Licenses/SAAS Agreements



Transaction Support Solutions

Reliance and Non-Reliance Letters



Confidentiality Agreements and NDAs



Advisor Engagement Letters





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