Your legal team, just the way you like it.

We are a team of experienced in-house lawyers who understand the demands of providing legal services to a business from within.

Our goal is to provide businesses that don’t have their own legal function, or even those that do, with access to a reliable, experienced and cost-effective outsourced legal team with experience of how in-house law works, as an alternative to traditional legal firms.

Whether it’s trusting us to identify and understand your business and legal risks in order to provide a fully outsourced legal function, or offering your legal team with additional resources with the mindset of in-house law and value or money built in, we have the solutions that you need.

We understand the law, and we know business, and we understand how legal teams can manage legal risk effectively in order to actually build value in the business that they serve.

Full Solution

External legal
team solutions

Our team is made up of lawyers with in-house expertise who can provide advice that is in tune with the demands of your business.

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Individual Solutions

On Demand

In-House Legal Solutions can provide support for general commercial contracts of any complexity on an ad hoc basis, as and when you need it.

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Data Protection

We can assess compliance with data protection laws in areas such as privacy policies, training, and contractual documentation to ensure clients are meeting their legal obligations.

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Volume Negotiation

We can provide solutions that are standardised in nature based on an agreed client playbook.

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Special Projects Solutions

Our team of lawyers from paralegal up to senior lawyers can be leveraged in a cost effective manner using technology where appropriate for repapering, diligence, term summaries and similar document processing resource intensive projects.

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Legal Risk Management and Optimisation

We can help clients to get a handle on the legal risk that exists in their business, and create a framework setting out how that legal risk is to be managed whether that be through external advice, checklists or internal training.

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Financial Services Solutions

Support solutions

In-House Legal Solutions provides specialist negotiation of NDAs, reliance and non-reliance letters, advisor engagement terms and legal opinions to clients in the investment industry.

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Investment Fund Compliance & Regulatory Solutions

We can assist with regulatory, compliance and operational risk advice in the field of investment funds, including advice around structuring, distribution and administration signposting.

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Your In-House legal team on an external, outsourced basis.

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