Special Projects Solutions

Volume projects, outsourced to our specialist team, taking the burden of heavy lifting away from you.

Your projects, managed seamlessly and efficiently.

Labour intensive exercises such as repapering, document reviews, diligence, can be difficult to resource and manage, especially under tight timescales. They often require large teams to be gathered on short notice and trained to carry out what can be an important and essential task.

Leave the stress and organisation of special projects to us. Our team is skilled in the review and amendment of contracts and be geared up at short notice to assist.

We can arrange a team of paralegals, junior lawyers and supervisors to ensure your work is carried out to a high standard, with the minimum of fuss, and at the right cost.

Utilising technology where appropriate we can meet your timescales and provide reporting to you via your own dedicated client portal.

Your In-House legal team on an external, outsourced basis.

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