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An experienced and long trusted solution for NDA, and other ancillary investment documentation negotiation in the financial services industry.

Let us do our job, So you can do yours.

The volumes of NDAs, reliance and non-reliance letters, and advisor engagement letters received by investment funds are enough to overwhelm any legal team.  Finding a service provider who understands them like you do is key.

The investment world is fast-paced and demanding.
Time can mean the difference between closing a deal and being second best.

Access to information under an NDA is a prerequisite to the evaluation stage of any transaction, and so we understand the need for these to be executed quickly whilst managing the legitimate needs of all parties.

We are specialists in this area and understand the individual needs of investment funds, investment banks, pension schemes and advisors.

We understand deal processes and how investors operate, from non-binding offers through to investment committee meetings and financial close, and what is important to them.

We negotiate over 1000 documents a year in this area and are experts on ‘what’s market’ and have experience of dealing with many of the large counterparties in the market.

In-House Legal Solutions, together with the founders, have over ten years of experience in this market and are able to advise on confidentiality agreements and other ancillary investment agreements in the full range of asset classes, including:

  • Private Equity
  • Fund Financing
  • Infrastructure
  • Investment Fund Secondary Transactions
  • Private Equity Co-investments
  • Real Estate
  • Private Debt

Why In-House Legal Solutions?

We are trusted to negotiate NDAs by some of the largest investment funds, pension schemes and banks in the industry.

We operate on a fixed fee per document model based on turnaround time allowing clients to actively control their costs.

We charge the same fee no matter how long negotiations may take.

We are experts in market knowledge across a range of investment sectors.

We can provide detailed reporting against SLAs to illustrate our responsiveness and efficiency.

We deal direct with investment teams and ‘speak their language’.

We free up your time to allow your teams to focus on matters with higher levels of legal risk.

Types of documents include…

  • NDAs
  • Non-Reliance and Reliance Letters
  • Advisor Engagement Letters
  • Clean Team Agreements


Initial Meeting

Meet us to agree your risk appetite & playbook. You can give us preferred model clauses, template documents and preferred positions including your final fall back position that we will not go beyond.


Send your docs

Send your documents to us on our secure systems which use encryption to keep your data safe.


Instruction form

Complete our short automated instruction form using our online portal. We use technology where possible to streamline processes.


Document negotiation

We negotiate your document in accordance with your playbook quickly and efficiently with as much or as little attention from you as you decide.

Your In-House legal team on an external, outsourced basis.

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