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In-House Legal Solutions (IHLS) is proud to announce our partnership with a remarkable charity on a mission to redefine generosity, eliminate food waste, and foster a sense of community. Allow us to introduce you to “Zero Waste,” an organisation dedicated to redistributing surplus food across the North West, impacting both the environment and the lives of thousands.

Zero Waste stands as a beacon in our pursuit of a more sustainable and inclusive future. Their core mission revolves around redistributing surplus food to approximately 4000 families each week. What sets Zero Waste apart is their commitment to normalising the use of surplus food, fundamentally distinguishing their model from traditional food banks or pantries. By opening their doors to everyone, Zero Waste eliminates potential stigmas associated with seeking assistance, placing the focus on positive environmental action rather than a mere handout.


A Glimpse into Zero Waste’s Journey:

Founded by David and Kathryn Bowman, with a visionary spirit, Zero Waste has been rewriting the narrative on food waste since 2021. Inspired by the staggering amounts of surplus food discarded daily, the founders envisioned a model that not only addressed hunger but also created a platform for environmental stewardship.

Throughout their journey, Zero Waste has achieved significant milestones, successfully redistributing surplus food to thousands, and fostering a community-driven approach. Their commitment to inclusivity and environmental consciousness has earned them recognition as a transformative force in the fight against both hunger and food waste.


Why Zero Waste?

“I am delighted that we are partnering with Zero Waste Liverpool as In-House Legal Solutions’ charity of the year 2024.  Zero Waste distribute surplus food to around 4000 families around the North West each week, ensuring the surplus food from the likes of supermarkets is redistributed for free to anyone in the community who welcomes it, with a real environmental benefit.  This aligns well with our values as a business in terms of the focus on community and environment.  We look forward to supporting Zero Waste with fundraising efforts and volunteering our time to assist with distributions this year.” – Lauren Cannon, Co-Founder and Director of IHLS.

Furthermore, Zero Waste’s mission to engage with local communities aligns seamlessly with IHLS’s commitment to creating positive impacts in the communities we serve. By supporting Zero Waste, IHLS extends its values beyond legal excellence, demonstrating our dedication to inclusivity, environmental consciousness, and community engagement.


Zero Waste’s Timetable: A week of impactful ventures.

Throughout the week, Zero Waste organises a variety of initiatives, in diverse locations, which go beyond traditional food assistance to ensure that their services are accessible to various communities across the North West. This timetable consists of: KFC Monday’s/Friday’s and ‘Go along with a (cooler) bag’ events for anyone to attend, and not only do these events address hunger issues, but they also foster a sense of community, exemplified by the friendships that are formed within the queue.


IHLS’ collaborative endeavours with Zero Waste:

IHLS’ collaborative endeavours with Zero Waste extend beyond the announcement of our partnership. Our commitment is exemplified through our unique initiative, offering all team members the opportunity to take two volunteering days per year. We are enthusiastic about channelling some of these dedicated days toward actively assisting and engaging with the impactful work carried out by Zero Waste.


Moreover, the dedication to making a difference is embodied by two of our Paralegals, Erin Mallon and Megan Crutchley, who proudly lead our Charity Champion Group. In a recent presentation to the entire team, Erin and Megan unveiled some of the exciting things planned for the year ahead! Their passion for social responsibility and community outreach is a testament to IHLS’ commitment to not only providing legal excellence, but also actively participating in initiatives that contribute to the well-being of the communities we support.


Stay tuned for updates on the inspiring work planned by our Charity Champion Group and the meaningful contributions IHLS will make to Zero Waste’s mission. Ultimately, making a positive impact on both local lives and the environment.


Find out more about Zero Waste, and how you can support them, here: (10) Liverpool Zero Waste Community CIC: Overview | LinkedIn


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