Empowering Legal Minds: In-House Legal Solutions’ collaboration with LJMU Legal Advice Centre

(Redmond McNamee (left) and Harrison Fearn (right))

In-House Legal Solutions (IHLS) proudly stands at the forefront of community engagement and legal education, epitomised by the active involvement of two of our Trainee Solicitors, Harrison Fearn and Jacob Lewis, with the Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) Legal Advice Centre (LAC).

The LAC provides vital legal assistance entirely free of charge and is operated by LJMU; serving the public by offering advice across a spectrum of legal areas. What sets this initiative apart is its innovative approach to legal education, the clinic not only addresses unmet legal needs within the community but also nurtures the growth of aspiring lawyers by providing hands-on experience.


IHLS’ distinctive involvement:

At the heart of the LJMU LAC are the students, eager legal minds looking to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. Over the recent weeks, Harrison and Jacob have been contributing their expertise and time to bolster the ongoing initiatives at the LAC and encourage students to develop their skills in interviewing, researching, drafting, writing and oral presentation, as well as other transferable employability skills such as teamworking, commercial awareness, project management and self-efficacy – not to mention confidence!

The process begins with client interactions, where students conduct interviews under the supervision of external solicitors, such as Harrison and Jacob. The IHLS representatives then actively engage in the students’ learning journey, encouraging individuals to navigate the complexities of legal consultations,

research, and participate in feedback sessions and ask pertinent questions – which results in an advice letter being drafted by the students, signed off by and sent to the client. This collaborative effort ensures no detail is overlooked and contributes to the development of a well-rounded legal skill set.


In summary, In-House Legal Solutions’ collaboration with the LJMU LAC exemplifies our steadfast commitment to community engagement and the development of legal talent. We recognise the importance of providing accessible legal assistance and information to those who need it most.

IHLS’ commitment extends beyond legal expertise, reflecting our sincere dedication to fostering a new generation of lawyers equipped with both legal proficiency and a profound sense of community responsibility. As we continue to contribute to the LJMU LAC’s initiatives, we look forward to the positive impact we can collectively achieve in shaping the legal landscape and supporting the next generation of aspiring lawyers.


Find out more about the LJMU LAC, and how you can get involved, here: Legal Advice Centre | Liverpool John Moores University (ljmu.ac.uk)

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