Kenn Chin joins In-House Legal Solutions

Kenn Chin joins In-House Legal Solutions


At the start of April, we welcomed Kenn Chin into the In-House Legal Solutions team as one of our Paralegals.


As one of our Paralegals here at In-House Legal Solutions, Kenn reviews contracts and essential documents for our clients that are vital for their M&A, equity and debt financing transactions and deals. Kenn also negotiates contracts with relevant counterparties for our client’s best interests.

Kenn has completed his LLB degree and Bar Practice Course which furnished him with necessary legal knowledge and practical drafting, advocacy, and legal reasoning skills, which are useful for real-life legal work.

His previous experience as a Paralegal in DWF, and a Legal Representative in CAIWU have given a massive contribution to his legal career and he has learnt to be more attended to little details in work and has harnessed the skill of multi-tasking and stress-handling.

Kenn is looking forward to gaining a wider exposure in commercial and corporate law and developing useful skillsets that would help him to become a good commercial and corporate lawyer in the future. Kenn believes that In-House Legal Solutions is the perfect place to help him in achieving these goals!


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