WINNERS! – Supporter of Rising Talent Award


Earlier in the year, In-House Legal Solutions (IHLS) attended the Merseyside Junior Lawyers Division (MJLD) Summer Ball after being nominated and successfully winning the award for ‘Supporter of Rising Talent’!

‘This is an award which is given to a firm or chambers across Merseyside which is acknowledged by Junior Lawyers as somewhere they can fulfil their potential. The firm should offer opportunities for both personal and professional development as well as an environment where they are happy, content and supported whilst being provided with the tools to flourish in their careers.’ – MLJD.

This event was a great night for the IHLS team, and winning this award was undoubtedly a huge accomplishment for the company.

To be a recognised as a supporter of rising talent not only signals that IHLS are committed to supporting and nurturing emerging talent, but also demonstrates the dedication to making a positive impact beyond the immediate goals of the business and contributing to the development of the broader community. IHLS has a great involvement with educational institutions such as Liverpool John Moores University, the University of Liverpool, and The University of Law, and the team is always eager to get involved with educational initiatives and form effective partnerships.


Olivia Allan, an Associate Paralegal at IHLS, commented on this achievement:

“Alongside my role as an Associate Paralegal, I also attend networking events with universities and other institutions to represent IHLS. We are encouraged to get involved with said initiatives and support the community where we can, and being present at law fairs and talking on panels is one of the many ways that IHLS demonstrates their commitment to supporting rising talent. It is such an achievement to be recognised for our commitments and this is one of the many reasons as to why I am proud to work at IHLS.”


IHLS also places great importance on recognising the commitments of our Trainee Solicitors. Laura Keane (left), who is a Trainee Solicitor, has been on the MJLD committee for 2 years running, covering various roles such as ‘Co-Careers and Education Representative‘ and ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Representative ‘. Laura’s contributions to MJLD were also recognised at the Summer Ball and she is excited to see what another year on the committee has to offer!

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