External Legal Team Solutions

An On-Demand Solution
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In-House Lawyers – Externally

Our team is made up of lawyers with in-house expertise who can provide advice that is in tune with the demands of your business.  Whether your business employs its own in-house lawyers or refers all legal issues to external counsel, we can provide a service advising on commercial agreements and providing general legal guidance just as your in-house team would, and act as an extension to or in place of your in-house legal team at a price below that of traditional law firms.

As an extension to your existing legal team


Often in-house legal teams have more work than they can manage but the cost of outsourcing work to law firms can be prohibitive. In-House Legal Solutions provides an answer to this by providing a solution which can sit between the legal team and external law firms and act as a trusted partner to your existing legal team, providing high quality, low cost review of commercial contracts on an as and when basis.

As an alternative to your own in-house legal team



In-House Legal Solutions can provide a fully outsourced in-house legal team solution to those businesses which don’t want to incur the cost of building their own legal function.  Our team of ex in-house lawyers will get to know your business and stakeholders, and provide practical and proactive advice that is intelligent to the needs of your business at rates far below that of external law firms.  Where specialist advice is required, our team can assist you in sourcing and instructing those specialists and manage that service delivery completely so that your business gets the answer that it needs.

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