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In-House Legal Solutions can provide solutions for various types of legal documents that are standardised in nature based on an agreed client playbook.  Here’s just a taster of what we can do:

Confidentiality Agreements


In-House Legal Solutions can handle all types of confidentiality agreements and NDAs including back to back or joinder type arrangements, both by negotiating your standard form template or reviewing and negotiating that of a third party.

Legal Opinions


In-House Legal Solutions can review and agree all legal opinions to ensure their scope is fit for purpose.

Engagement Terms for Services


In-House Legal Solutions can negotiate all advisor engagement terms, from accountants, legal advisors, investment bankers or technical advisors.

Terms of Business


In House Legal Solutions can take your standard form terms of business or that of a third party and rapidly agree the terms to enable you to be transacting as soon as possible.

Reliance and Non-Reliance Letters


In-House Legal Solutions can review all types of reliance and non-reliance letters whether in relation to M&A, corporate advisory, corporate finance, banking, infrastructure or other similar work.

So, how does it work…?

We will a create a solution that suits you and has efficiency at its heart, modelled around the following process:

1. Initial Meeting arrow


Meet us to agree your risk appetite and playbook. You can give us preferred model clauses, template documents and preferred positions including your final fall back position that we will not go beyond.

2. Send your docs arrow


Send your documents to us on our secure systems which use encryption to keep your data safe.

3. Instruction form arrow


Complete our short automated instruction form using our online portal. We use technology where possible to streamline processes.

4. Document negotiation


We negotiate your document in accordance with your playbook quickly and efficiently with as much or as little attention from you as you decide.

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