Legal Risk Management and Optimisation

Legal risk is part and parcel of any business. Managing it efficiently and effectively however, is key.

Legal risk, identified and managed whilst allowing your business to thrive.

Every business needs to carry some element of risk to remain competitive, dynamic and successful. Legal risk that is unmanaged however can lead to fines, claims, disruption and overall costs to the business – whether that be financial, time or both.

Our expert team of in-house lawyers are skilled in carrying out audits to identify what legal risks exist, and can put
in place a plan of action to mitigate or manage those risks
in a way which accords with the legal risk tolerance of the business.

We can work with you to put in place policies, processes, checklists and protocols including technology solutions,
and can provide training to your team members on legal risk matters to help you upskill where required.

Our aim is not necessarily to manage risk away completely – instead it is to manage legal risk efficiently and effectively in such a way that allows you business to be agile, fast moving and overall free to capitalise on opportunity.

Types of consulting include…

  • Legal Risk Management Framework Design
  • Bespoke Process Design
  • Legal Risk Checklists
  • Training
  • Legaltech Efficiencies


Identification of Legal Risk

We partake in fieldwork using questionnaires and meetings to identify areas of legal risk. Data is collated into legal risk categories.


Analysis and Design

Areas of legal risk are analysed and reviewed to establish a level of risk tolerance. We will discuss effective methods to manage legal risk proportionate to legal risk tolerance.


Document and Implement

We will create policies and processes, checklists and reporting mechanisms. Training will be implemented in order to roll out the plan.

Your In-House legal team on an external, outsourced basis.

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